Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas Time

Hi friends,

Few days are left for Christmas..

Christmas is one festival which I like very much..even though it is not our festival ( I mean By religion)..

Since my childhood, I have a great liking for this festival.

I used to make christmas cards and host christmas party for my siblings (though in a small scale).

Like every child I loved Santa Claus ...
I wished that Santa could come and give me some gift..

But it was not so,
So, Instead of waiting for Santa,,I used to buy gifts (the ones i could afford) for my siblings and put them under their pillow,,on 24th night,,,so that when they wake up,they find their gifts on christmas day..

I just liked doing this,,

Not anymore,,as all siblings are away from me...

But I have thought that when I will have kids,,I will be thier santa on christmas..

So,finally Christmas is just round the corner..
And I am going to receive a good gift on this day..

Any Guesses,,
My Friend Sweetu is coming back on Christmas Day,,
He will be in India on 25th December..
Isn't it great,.

Happy Christmas to you dear friends!!!
May you too receive a great gift on this day..

take care,