Monday, February 3, 2014

We are in 2014.

2014 is here.
Happy new year to all of you.
Once again I am writing on my blog after so many months.
I was browsing through my blog and I realized that life has changed so much since I first started writing this blog.

2007 to 2014.. Seven years.

In 2007 I was single girl,living with my parents in India.
In 2014 I am a married woman, living in US with my husband and my son.

My son is 3 years old now.
So, I got married and moved to US in 2008,
 Got a job in 2009,
and then had a baby in 2010.
And lost my mom in 2011.
And had a new nephew, that is my brother's son in 2012.
Had another nephew, my brother-in-law's son in 2013.

Well, life has changed a lot.

I feel like I am getting old though I know I am not.

So, now I am in 2014 and ready to embrace what it brings to me and my family.