Friday, March 27, 2009

British English Vs American English

Hi Friends,

How are you all?
It's been really a long time since I wrote any post.

If I say I was very busy, it won't be 100% true. Somehow, I just wasn't able to write anything.

Today I will tell you about my experiences with English.

When I was in India, I knew that there is a difference between British English (which Indians follow) and the American English, but I was not aware that American English is a totally different language. One of my friends here, says that it is a language known as American, and if you are in America you should speak American not English.

There is a lot of difference in pronunciation and spellings.

The recent spelling difference I came to know was:

Jewellery (British English) and Jewelry (American).
I wrote the British Spelling in my assignment and lost some marks because of that.

I knew about some common spellings like:
color and colour.

If you say dustbin, no one has an idea what you are saying, instead you must say garbage can, or trash can.

It's still a new world for me.

My husband and I are learning.

Will keep you posted.