Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Technology Troubles

Hello Friends!,
How are you? I hope fine.........

I am really sorry for not being able to update my blog from such a long time.Even I was not able to visit your blogs or leave comments.

Believe me,this time it was not my fault, but technology failed me.
I am talking about my laptop,which is sick.
I had taken it to a service centre and today itself it came back in the same state as it was when it had gone there.

It is facing a display problem,Engineer told me that it's LCD needs to be replaced.,but I don't believe it,I think what I need is a competent Engineer...

Meanwhile , I was happily surprised to know that my friend SophiaGurl has awarded me with "The rocking Girl Award"

She has also awarded me with Sweet Halloween treat.

I am really thankful to Sophiagurl for these awards.She has always been a great friend..

By the way, my friend Sweetu, is in Arizona,and now only 44days are left for him to come back to me.

I think I won't be able to blog regularly for few months becuase of my defective laptop..
I request you all to keep visiting my blog ,,as I can't keep myself away from my blog for a long time..

Have a great time friends!