Sunday, November 1, 2009

How was your Halloween????????

It was a good halloween, I spent it in two places. On Friday, the school I work for, celebrated the halloween, it was good to see little kids dressed up as angels, witches, etc. Even some of the teachers were wearing the halloween costume. In the evening I invited my Indian colleague to my house so that we can give candies to the trick or treat kids. It was her first halloween, as we do not celebrate this festival in India. The kids came with their parents and dressed in their halloween costumes, asking the same question, "trick or treat?" We gave them the candies and they went on to the next houses.

On Friday night I went to my husband's place and on Saturday we gave the candies to the kids there who came for their trick or treating. When we ran out of candies, we decided to go to Flagstaff and have dinner there. We went there and had dinner and returned in few hours.

Now I am getting ready to go back to my place. It's a really a very bad feeling to go back to that world where I am alone.

Will write again soon.