Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas Time

Hi friends,

Few days are left for Christmas..

Christmas is one festival which I like very much..even though it is not our festival ( I mean By religion)..

Since my childhood, I have a great liking for this festival.

I used to make christmas cards and host christmas party for my siblings (though in a small scale).

Like every child I loved Santa Claus ...
I wished that Santa could come and give me some gift..

But it was not so,
So, Instead of waiting for Santa,,I used to buy gifts (the ones i could afford) for my siblings and put them under their pillow,,on 24th night,,,so that when they wake up,they find their gifts on christmas day..

I just liked doing this,,

Not anymore,,as all siblings are away from me...

But I have thought that when I will have kids,,I will be thier santa on christmas..

So,finally Christmas is just round the corner..
And I am going to receive a good gift on this day..

Any Guesses,,
My Friend Sweetu is coming back on Christmas Day,,
He will be in India on 25th December..
Isn't it great,.

Happy Christmas to you dear friends!!!
May you too receive a great gift on this day..

take care,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Technology Troubles

Hello Friends!,
How are you? I hope fine.........

I am really sorry for not being able to update my blog from such a long time.Even I was not able to visit your blogs or leave comments.

Believe me,this time it was not my fault, but technology failed me.
I am talking about my laptop,which is sick.
I had taken it to a service centre and today itself it came back in the same state as it was when it had gone there.

It is facing a display problem,Engineer told me that it's LCD needs to be replaced.,but I don't believe it,I think what I need is a competent Engineer...

Meanwhile , I was happily surprised to know that my friend SophiaGurl has awarded me with "The rocking Girl Award"

She has also awarded me with Sweet Halloween treat.

I am really thankful to Sophiagurl for these awards.She has always been a great friend..

By the way, my friend Sweetu, is in Arizona,and now only 44days are left for him to come back to me.

I think I won't be able to blog regularly for few months becuase of my defective laptop..
I request you all to keep visiting my blog ,,as I can't keep myself away from my blog for a long time..

Have a great time friends!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am here

Hi Friends,

I am sorry for not writing any post for nearly two weeks.

Actually I was quite busy in my own little world....

Let me tell you in detail:

1)Firstly,from 12th of october ,,I had nine days fast of Navratri.
Navratri is an Indian festival in which we worship Goddess Durga....
Goddess Durga is the Goddess of strength.

My fast ended on 20th of October.

2)Secondly, on 18th of October ,came my Eldest sister (Didi) and my niece Saumya..She is now 2yrs and 9 months old.

I remember writing about her in one of my previous posts.Now she has become more cute and a bit more naughty and a lot more interesting.But her eating habits are still the same: Coke,Lays,toffees,Chocolates,etc,,,,

They went back on 23rd....

3)Thirdly,My Nephew Avi, had his mundan ceremony on 20th,,so we all went to a temple near our sacred river Ganges .There his Mundan ceremony was performed.(In mundan ,we offer the hair of the child to the river ..These are the first hair of child,which grow while the child is still inside his mom....).

Avi is nearly 11 months old...he is really very cute,he is the son of my elder sister Vinnie...

3)Lastly, I just dont feel like doing anything nowadays,,not even writing(which is my passion)..I had to design my new website,,but I am not able to concentrate even on that..
I think it's because of my loneliness.........

So, these were the reasons which kept me away from this blogging world..

Now , I am back..

Have a good time friends!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's over

Today is the last day of My Birthday week.

It was really fun..

I am thankful to all of you who took part in celebration of my birthday week..

Birthdays are so Good..
You feel so special on this day...
For me ,most of the day passed in attending phone calls from my siblings and relatives..Can't tell how important I felt....

The surprise of the day was a beautiful Bouquet from my friend Sweetu..Since he is not with me ,he had sent it using some online flowers delivery service...I was really so happy when I received it.I just couldnt take my eyes away from it,,not only because of its beauty,,but for love which it contained in itself......

Day, as are most occasions, was marked by the good food,,,we had chole , peas-pulao, kachoris,, pastries,,,etc,,etc.

My brother bought a domain for me on this day,,I wont tell its name until I launch
my website with some good content...

I would like to thank these blogger friends:

indianvagabond, Speedcat Hollydale, sophiagurl, antibarbie
diane, pirut, Zunnur, Dunn

One thing which I didnt like was that I didnt receive any birthday card from any of my friends or relatives , though I love cards very much..Only cards I received were from astrological sites which I often visit.

These are the cards which I received...



Ok so,,finally my birthday week is over,,(hard to believe).

Will come up with new post very soon..
Take care,bye

Friday, October 5, 2007

It's My Birthday Week !

Hi friends!,

Did you see the pink colored widget (topmost widget) , on the sidebar of my blog....It says sweet girl's B'day 9 October,,,,,,,,,,,

Yes friends,,you would be glad to know that sweet girl's birthday (i.e.,my birthday) is on 9th of October...

It's time to celebrate,,,after all we have atleast one day in year when everyone gives us a special treatment...

So,for time being no tension and no worries...........

Coming back to my birthday.....

It's hard to accept that I will complete 29 yrs. of my life on my B'day....
When I was a child ,my biggest desire was to grow up quickly,so that everyone takes me seriously..I just wanted to grow up...

Now,when I have grown up,,I want to live the tensionfree life of a child..Want to relive the years I spent with my siblings,,when we all lived together...Now,,my sisters are married and gone to their respective houses and busy with their lives..,,and my brother also gone abroad to work,,,and working hard to make a mark on this world...

As we know we cant bring back those good old days,,but can try to make our present good..So,,its good that even today we are all connected to each other (thanks to Technology)..

As it's my birthday ,,I have planned to celebrate my Birthday week with you all.

I will be celebrating my birthday week from 6th of October to 12th of October and would like all of you to wish me on my birthday....

I don't think I am asking too much from all of you...(what do you think?).

As a return gift,If you wish I can give link to your blog,,or can favorite your blog on technorati,,,(whatever you wish,do tell me)...............

Waiting for your wishes!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

How do I live without you?

It's so difficult to live without him.
Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about my friend sweetu..
He went to U.S. on 24th of this month....(merely 3 days ago!).
But it seems to me that he has been away for so many months...

Earlier, we were supposed to go together, but due to unavoidable circumstances (or,you can call it my bad luck), he had to go alone..

I miss him so much,,I used to share everything with him,,,there were no false pretences,no lies,,nothing superficial in our relation.....( I am sorry ,,,there are no false pretences...relation).

There is love , understanding and care in our relation. Infact, he is my soul mate.

Even we have disputes, heated discussions, sometimes we don't even talk to each other for hours, but then we try to solve our problems before going to sleep..
If You are eager to know who initiates the peace process,,whether him or me,,then I must tell you most of the time it's him, and sometimes me ( when I see there is no reaction from him).

I am counting days of his return.
I hope he will come in his winter vacations.

It's 90 days from now..(if we consider he is coming on 25th of December).

We used to talk for more than 5hrs. daily, We used to know what each of us were doing at any time of the day..

Now, the situation has changed. Today he talked to me only for fifteen minutes in whole day..I don't know what he is doing,,and same is with him..

May be after few days it will be ok, when he will buy a mobile and computer...

Still,there is so much difference in our time zones...His time is 11hrs 30 minutes behind my time....So, when it is night here, he is working, and when it is day time here, he is sleeping....

When will my wait end...?

I am keeping my patience, but how long will I be able to do this, I don't know..

I request God to give me courage to face these tough times...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When the two met

This Friday was a great day,
It was a day I will remember all my life.

Yes,,it was the day when my boyfriend and my father came face -to-face..

First,let me familiarise you all with the background..
My friend is going abroad(U.S.) as he has got a job there recently.He will be coming back in December Holidays..So,he wanted to meet my dad and talk to him about us.

At first ,my father was reluctant to meet him,he said let him come back then we will meet.But I said,"He is coming tomorrow..that's it...".It's not that my dad doesnt know about him,,or he is against our relationship ,,but I think he was feeling awkward...So,he tried to evade the situation,,,but I persisted and so,finally he gave in to my wishes...

So,the meeting was fixed,Friday 21 september,2007,,8:15 pm/8:30 pm.My friend (sweetu) was invited for dinner...His flight was on 24th september,,so he was quite busy with so many things,,but still he agreed to come as he was eager to meet my father...

Actually ,my father was a bit angry with him, as he was going there alone,,leaving me here...So,I told sweetu in advance about the situation..

So,both the people were very uneasy about the meeting..

I started the arrangements in the evening,,took out special dinner set,changed the sofa covers and table cloth,,washed the artificial flowers in the room..cleaned the room,cleaned the carpet,,and so on...gave instructions to cook as to what to cook for dinner...

The time came ,,I called sweetu and asked him when is he coming..
He said ,"No,electricity,,please wait ..I will come soon.I have to iron my clothes,etc."

So,at 8:45pm he left his home to come for the meeting.
On his way,he kept asking me ,,what will your dad say,,should I say this,or that,etc.And I guided him as accurately as I could.

He arrived at 8:55pm,I opened the gate for him,,I wished him good luck..So,he entered the drawing room after me,,He touched the feet of my father and greeted him saying "Namaste"(this is how we indians greet each other).And I think that was the turning point of the whole father seemed quite overwhelmed by sweetu touching his feet.then sweetu greeted my mother and touched her feet too.

Then he sat down on sofa near my father.
Mummy and I brought water ,and sweets for him and roasted cashewnuts,too.
My father asked him to have them,,instead he said ,"i will take,,but first you take and served my parents"

There was nothing like breaking the initial ice,,ice had already melted...The atmosphere was now warm and comfortable.

My father asked him some things about his father,his siblings,etc.

There were moments of silence...
There were moments when only sweetu and I were speaking to each other.

We talked about his travel plan.His plans after returning back,etc.
When there was silence ,I prompted sweetu to say something,,then he asked my mother about her health,,,etc...

Then the dinner was served,,I served the dinner for father and him..He asked mom also to have dinner with them..Mom smiled..I told him that she will have it later with me..

Let me tell you the dinner menu,,""Chole pulao, chapatis ,cucumber -raita, kheer"",,that's it..

Dinner was cooked by our cook Rani,,,and I guess sweetu didnt liked the dinner...and I am sorry for that,,if I had known that ,I would have cooked the dinner myself....

Then we all had a light chat,,and then he took the leave. ..

and so the meeting ended.....

But I cant forget it...

My mom was very impressed ,,she said it appeared as he had been coming here for years...she said that she felt that my brother was sitting there in his place..

And my father didnt said anything but looked relaxed ,,and I guess he was happy too.

Now ,I think Why I love sweetu so much,,a person who can impress my parents in one meeting,,how could I have not been impressed by him..

What do you say?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Join the Magical Flying carpet ride !

I have been visited by Genies !!!!!!!!!

Yes,I have been visited by the two genies,the mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess of Mariuca....

Genie King Genie Princess
And the greatest thing is that , I have to put up their Genie symbols on my blog,and in return they have given me one wish to do whatever I like..

These genies found me through Sophiagurl,,to whom I am thankful for showing these genies my way....As I really need a wish right now.............

So,I will make a wish and pass on these genies to five lucky friends ..........

So,I am going to list down the rules for my lucky friends:-

***Start Copying Here***


1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog. Codes are given below:

Genie Princess

Genie Princess

Genie King

Genie King

For codes please have a look at Mariuca's blog...

The Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:

Mariuca would like to wish for success and fame.
Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.
Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.
MPG would like to wish for love and peace.
Bobby would like to wish for the powers of Superman and immortality.
Jean would like to wish for stress-free work environment and happiness.
Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan's brother & Yah & Wan & success.
Jesse would like a great isp and a Yummy box of chocolates.
Jay would like to wish for 10k visitors and readers per day.
Spiff, The Spaceman would like a billion US Dollars! (Am I being too greedy here?)
Rolando would like everyone’s hearts desire to come true.
Sam would like to wish for a happy & simple life and happiness to everyone.
Speedcat Hollydale would like a pet acorn monkey named "Monkee".
Joezul would like to wish for all to get their wish come true.
Promthep would like to be successful in everything.
kumo would like to wish everybody a better day every next day.
NAFASG would like to build a better community for everyone.
Levian would like to be happy always.
Apple would like to be slimmer.
Menopauseprincess would like peace, happiness, love, health & prosperity for everyone!
Morgan would like to wish for love, laughter, sunshine & blue skies for EVERYONE!!!
Kellie would like to wish for happiness & love to be bestowed on her family & friends.
LadyJava would like to wish for love, health, beauty and wealth for one and all.
Keeyit would like to wish for staying healthy and happily with family.
Colleen wishes everyone be well and happy.
Spookygrace would like to have a busy traffic and making money blog.
Janice Ng would like to wish for good health for his brother.
Nick would like to wish for a set of new running shoes!
Shinade would like to send love,peace,wealth & good health to everyone.
Cbenc12 would like to wish for health, happiness & luck for my family & friends & me too!
Paris would like to wish for more publicity! Hooyah! (taps swollen head).
Bokjae would like to wish for speedy recovery for j@nice's brother, yan and wan!
Giddy Tiger would like to wish for longer weekends and never-ending holidays!
Book Project would like to wish for total wealth minus one Solomons Wish.
MT would like to create a toys & games empire & have the will to continue blogging.
Dawn would like to wish for world peace.
Cotojo would like Love, Peace, Harmony, Understanding & safety for all the children.
Bobo would like health and wealth for everyone she loves (including all her blogfriends).
Auntie Dar would love to end animal cruelty.
Chinnee would like to wish for happiness and good health forever!
Ozzieblackcat would like to wish for success with her blog!
Rinnah would like to wish for more good paying opps to come my way!
Bless would like to wish for more happiness & more blessing for family & world peace.
La Chanson de Phoenix would like to wish for a small bottle of sweet perfume.
Shireen would like to wish for good health, longevity and happiness for all her loved ones!
Lovelymummy would like to wish for good health, longevity, love, wealth, happiness !
Rachel would like to wish 4 health, happiness, freedom, worry free, luck, wealth, safety.
Mr.Thief would like to have Jessica Alba as his wife!
Ting would like to exterminate all retards but end up being the richest man instead.
conancat would like to wish that Almond the Poodle will get fatter & fatter & fatter!
Vamp would like to wish to become a rempit.
Shoppingmum would like to wish for all her wishes come true.
LemonJude would like to wish for world peace!
Hui Sia would like to wish for love, health, wealth and happiness.
Cherry would like to get married.
Binding Ink would like to wish for A Humanity United in Harmony.
Mommy of 2 Angels wish for great joy for my family.
Adyla would like to wish for mighty stars so they will grant her other wishes forever.
Sean would like to wish family members live healthier!
Pinkelle would like to wish 4 health, happiness & good results all around 4 my loved ones!
Mama Tang would like to wish for health, wealth, success and happiness for everyone.
Chew Lee would like to wish hubby for a successful business venture in Singapore.
Mel would like to wish that everyone would choose happiness!
SA would like to wish for more time to get things done and rest.
Sandee would like to send happiness and good health to everyone.
Jam would like to manage Manchester United.
Anggie would like to wish for dream and wish come true.
Shooi would like to wish for peace on earth, love, good health and happiness.
Rebecca would like to wish for Powerpuff gal.
Pookyma would like his one wish made into a couple more wishes.
Sophiagurl would like to wish for the good health of her mom and dad, peace and prosperity for her brother's
family, a baby for her sister, good health and blessings for her husband and two daughters,peace, love and happiness for everyone.
Sibbia would like to wish that Anne keeps her house & for guidance and prosperity.
S.E. would like to wish for abundance, peace, health and prosperity for all!
Sweet girl would like to wish that as long as she lives ,she has the company and love of sweetu(pkd) !
Baby Sa would like her wish made into another few selfish wishes.
Zunnur would like to go to a place with fresh air, green earth, blue skies & nice people!
yung would like to live in a world without lies!
Slavemom would like to wish for happiness & good health for her loved ones & herself!
Wen would like to wish for happiness and health for herself and her family.
kimfei wish everybody will live happily ever after.
aikosumomo would like to wish for success with her dance life!
Diamondssaphire would like to wish for her son to continue to be succesful in school.
1+2mom would like to wish hubby success on his business & good health for family.
Doodski would like to wish for good health, peace and happiness for his family.
Sweetpea would like another two extra hours in a day, excluding working time!
La delirante would like to wish for all our wishes to come true.
3POINT8 would like to wish for POWER!
Trenting would like to wish for a fruitful and healthy life inclusive of many riches.

Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!


***End Copying Here***

Now,the five lucky friends to whom I want to send the genies are:-

3)R T cunningham
4) Rudi

Make your wish,,genies are on your way !


Saturday, September 15, 2007

When will the morning come !!!

Hi Friends!

How are you all? I hope fine..
It's been almost one month since I wrote my last post..

In this month I have been through lot of ups and downs..

At present,,I don't know exactly whether I am at up situation or down situation.

It's Fifty -Fifty situation....
50% 50% work is done
50% sadness 50% work is left.

and that 50% work which is left ,I am not sure whether it will be completed or not..

well, Let's see what happens.........

I am very thankful to all of you who gave me strength in these difficult times..

Mark IV: ""things always turn out good. just keep moving through the fog and you'll eventually clear up.""

Thanks for your inspiring words,,I have noted them down in my cellphone ,,and read them when I really feel depressed.

Prajyot: ""see...its how we take up this time..all people face gud or bad times..god just puts bad time humps just to see how we tackle..u have to tackle and move ahead..."u can do it""

Thanks for believing that I can do it...

Beth: ""If you want something bad enough, it will happen. Maybe not in the time that you are looking for, but certainly it will.
Take a deep breath and smile. It always helps me...""

I am really thankful for your inspiring words...

Sophiagurl: ""hi Sweet Girl, my heart goes out to you. I hope that whatever you are going through right now will be clearer in the next few days. I will pray for you...God Bless!""

Thanks for your true wishes.

Wildflower:""Everyone feels that way...curses her fate mumbling just two words "why me?" ..but it's not just you, believe is one big struggle besides all the fun we have..take care! ""

Thanks for your concern

Liferocks:"Well I never pin too much hope onto something happening. You are not pained if it does not happen but elated if it does...""

Thanks a lot for your advice.......

Dreamcatcher:.""dnt wry this shall pass..just leave urself to the flow..i really pray n hope u will find the way""

Thanks for your concern and advice and wishes..I hope everything turns out good for you....

Rudi:""Everyone has days like this. It'll pass and things will look better again soon :-)""

Thanks a lot.......

Zunnur:""Life is sort of sailing a boat, we choose our destination and steer the boat. Sometimes the sea is calm and the view is great, but sometimes storms come raging, and we hold tight to the steering to keep our direction steady.

As we hold on tight, and look to the side, we would see that there are other boats struggling through the storm as well, we are not alone, and we felt grateful that our boat is much bigger and stronger to sustain through the raging ocean.

Hope that you’ll get through fine.""

You are right friend...and thanks for your wishes

Pirut:""Be yourself everyday my friend. Never sell your 'ownself' to somebody! Keep realistic everyday and everyminutes! Even every you take a breath! ""

Thanks for the advice friend............

And you know what?
My brother came across my blog and he was sad that I didn't tell him personally about my problems...He said he liked my blog..He said he couldn't do much in such situation but atleast can pray for my better future.............

Once,in my schooldays,my brother had read my personal diary,and I was angry with him,I felt cheated,,but today I don't mind his reading my blog....and I am thankful to him for his moral support..

Coming back to my problems.......

I hope situations will be better soon........
After Night,dawn has come,but I am still waiting for the morning......

I still need your wishes........

Take care all of you,
Have a great day !!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today I am very sad...

I was depending upon something from past three months....

But now it seems as if my dream will never come true..

Yesterday the realization came to me that may be now, that work won't be done.

It's like waking up after a beautiful dream.

Now the chances are very low..........

So many decisions were depending upon that work....

Now it's like back to zero..........

Why me?

why everything wrong happens to me only?

It's like you have reached the station on time ,with everything prepared for journey but the train is cancelled..............

I am an optimist ,,though the hopes are low,,I am still thinking that may be that work will be done,,but there is so much uncertainty,,,so much fear...

Now I don't know what to do?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How are you looking today ?

How do you look? !!!!!!!!

Do you want people to praise you.............

Everyone of us is hungry to hear Good about ourselves....

But I want to know that, for you, whose praise matters the most..

1) A person who always praises you..
2)A person who never praises you,but when you ask ,he tells you yes u r looking good...
3)A person who tells you the truth ,,when you are looking Good ,he praises you ,,,and if not then tells you frankly...

I know ,nobody wants to hear bad about oneself....

But for me No. 3 category is the best...If someone has the courage to tell you that you are not looking Good,,means his judgement is not biased...So,,when such a person praises you,,then it definitely means that you are looking good..

A true friend is someone who tells you where you are wrong ,so that you can improve yourself....

Sometimes you feel bad ,if someone says you are not looking good,,or you are looking a bit overweight,,or a bit dull,,,but If someone is saying this,,there must bee truth in this,,so you can take this criticism positively,,and improve yourself...

So, have courage to hear truth and speak truth about others,,,,

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friends Are Forever

Hi Friends,

A very Happy Friendship Day

Yes,Friendship day is on 5th August.

Something about this Day
The United States Congress, in 1935, proclaimed first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event. The noble idea of honoring the beautiful relationship of friendship caught on with the people and soon Friendship Day became a hugely popular festival.

Following the popularity and success of Friendship Day in US, several other countries adopted the tradition of dedicating a day to friends. Today, Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated by several countries across the world including India.

Friendship day is a day to tell your friends,what they mean to you..

You can do so by sending them gifts (flowers,chocolates,Teddy bears ,etc.)
You can even sms them your feelings.

Or,simply call them and wish them Happy Friendship day to them..

In India markets are crowded with Friendship bands, a week before friendship day.
Friends give each other Friendship bands in order to show their love for friends.

People wear them on their wrist to show that they accept the friendship of the person who gave them the band..,and care for them....

Yesterday as I had gone to market with my friend ,I saw lots of nice friendship bands.

I asked my friend to buy me one and give know my friend is the type of person who believes it is for kids,,so I had to ask him to buy me one..
and since ,,he knows there is a child inside me and I won't be happy without having it,he agreed to buy me one....

This is the pic of the band ,,it's nice ,,,What do you think?

Since , Friendship day is on sunday ,I think I will be going for lunch with my friend on that day to some good place....

I want to dedicate this song by Mariah Carey to my dear friend,

"Anytime You Need A Friend
If you're lonely
And need a friend
And troubles seem like
They never end,
Just remember to keep the Faith,
And Love will be there to Light the Way

Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You'll never be alone again,
So don't you fear.
Even if you're miles away,
I'm by your side.
So don't you ever be lonely.
Love will make it alright.

When the shadows are closing in
And your Spirit deminishing,
Just remember you're not alone,
And Love will be there
To Guide you Home.

If you just believe in me,
I will Love you endlessly.
Take my hand.
Take me into your Heart.
I'll be there forever, baby.
I won't let go.
I'll never let go.

Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You'll never be alone again,
So don't you fear.
Even if your miles away,
I'm by your side.
So don't you ever be lonely.
It's alright.
It's alright. "

I also have so many friends ,,in this blogging world,,to whom I want to wish through my blog,I am wishing them Happy Friendship Day..I think there is no need to name them ,,as they will understand themselves after reading this post....
Friends who visit my blog ,read my blog ,,give their valuable comments on my blog,,,Friends who have always motivated me to keep writing my blog!

This is what I want to say to all my blogger friends,

""I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels but I call them my nice friends. ""


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Once more Tagged!

I have been TAGGED again!

Recently, I was tagged by xigre:-

Rules of the tag:-
If you are tagged, your duty is to
1. tell everybody who tagged you
2. write 6 Weird Things - OR - 10 Facts about yourself.
3. tag 10 bloggers

I have been telling so many facts about me in my previous tagged posts.

So Today I will tell 6 weird things about me:----

1. I love to have coffee with my lunch.Most people take coffee before or after lunch.,,but it's a part of my lunch menu..

2. If I have some health problem I search the internet to find its remedies,instead of going to doctor.

3. I Love cleanliness....I don't mind getting dirty myself,to clean other things...
Afterall a good shower will make me clean again.

4. I have different reactions to same things....
One day I may be angry at something,,and other day I may laugh it off....

5. I just hate waiting..If have to do something I want to do it now..
But other's tell me to wait and wait for appropriate time...,etc.

6. I love to dance when no one is seeing me.

so these were 6 weird things about me.

Now it's my chance to tag 10 other bloggers to do the same about themselves.
Here they are:

But I am sorry ,I don't want to tag anyone.
Most of the times people I tag don't follow it...
So,I am not tagging anyone!

yes,But If anyone wants to carry forward this tag,,they are welcome!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1 Million Love Messages

1 Million Love Messages

Have you ever visited this blog

It's really a wonderful place to visit.
It's all about Love.

Infact ,it's a project to spread Love.
"1 blog, 1 million Love messages from all around the world"

It wants to spread love by publishing Love messages by readers ,,,

And ,,yes the limit is 1 million,,

1 million people all across the world, confessing their Love online, on a single blog..

The Love it is talking about is the Love of a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sun, daughter, mother, father…,etc.

I just Liked this concept........

In this world of wars and hatred ,someone wants to spread love and wants to know whether love is contagious or not.

Recently,I also posted my love message for my friend,,

To read my message click here

I hope you have got the feel of the project,

To know more, Read about the project yourself,in the words of the author of this blog,

About 1 Million Love Messages

And this blog's First Birthday is on 31July'2007.

So,I would recommend this blog to you,and request you to take part in this project and get your true feelings ,about your love,published on this blog...

Take care,

Have a Happy Day

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great time for Harry Potter Fans

It's Great time for Harry Potter fans (including me)..

Firstly, The new Harry movie "Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix" is releasing on 13 July..

secondly, The latest book of Harry potter, "Harry Potter and the deathly hallows" will be released on 21 July..

so,July is a happening month for us (Harry fans),,,,

I have heard that Harry will die in the last book,,all the fans around the world are requesting J.K.Rowling to not to end this series and continue writing many more books of the series...

Harry potter and the order of the phoenix,is my favorite book of the series,,it's very interesting ,,,

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling. This book details Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts and efforts by the Ministry of Magic to take control of the school while Voldemort plots to acquire a "weapon." It is the longest book in the Harry Potter series.

Plot overview

Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts and discovers that much of the wizarding community is in denial about the teenager's recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort, preferring to turn a blind eye to the news that Voldemort has returned. Fearing that Hogwarts' venerable Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, is lying about Voldemort's return in order to undermine his power and take his job, the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, appoints a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to keep watch over Dumbledore and the Hogwarts students. But Professor Dolores Umbridge's Ministry-approved course of defensive magic leaves the young wizards woefully unprepared to defend themselves against the dark forces threatening them and the entire wizarding community, so at the prompting of his friends Hermione and Ron, Harry takes matters into his own hands. Meeting secretly with a small group of students who name themselves "Dumbledore's Army," Harry teaches them how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, preparing the courageous young wizards for the extraordinary battle that lies ahead.

This was the story of this book..

Now go and watch the movie and enjoy....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Life is so colourful

Hi Friends !

Life's puzzles are difficult to understand...

I thought I should take a break from my problems and spend sometime in doing what I really like..........i.e. writing.

Yes,,Writing...I really love writing,,sharing my thoughts with whole world...

Today morning ,as I went to my morning walk,,I got a really pleasant surprise...

I saw Rainbow in the sky....

It was full semi-circle and was very clear..
It was as if I was looking at my childhood colour-book..

All the seven colours ,,violet,Indigo ,blue ,green, yellow,orange,and red were clearly visible...

Life Is so colourful,,then why do we always see it as black and white....

I mean Good and Bad....

There are somethings which are neither good ,nor bad....

and,there are things which are both good and bad...

well,leave it...
I was talking about rainbow....
I became so happy on seeing it...

It was like being near to nature,,being near to God !

Can man make rainbow,,science has progressed so much,but, can we make a rainbow appear on Sky...

God Is God !!!!!!!!!!!!

well,my thoughts seem to be wandering here and there,,,

sorry,If you don't like them...

Anyways,,,,Thanks all of you for your wishes and support..

Life is nothing without friends...


take care !!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Missing You All

Hi Friends!

How Are You?

It's been a long time since I have written any new post.

I am going through the most crucial point of my Life..
I am sorry ,but I can't discuss it openly..

Yes.but as soon as the problems are sorted out,,I will be telling you all everything..

I just need your best wishes..

If I get time ,I will check out posts by my friends..

Please wish me Good Luck!

Have a Great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am crazy !!

Hi Friends !

Yesterday it was raining here........

It was the first rain of the season..........

Rains are such a relief,,especially when they come after the sveltering heat !!!!!!!

O! the smell of soil brings such a satisfaction...

This smell of soil makes me nostalgic..
I can't help thinking or reliving the days of my childhood when I used to play in the rain along with my brother and sisters...

As I have grown up, My passion for rain has increased..

I just love getting soaked up in rain and the coldness you feel after you are wet ,it's chilling and most fun...

It has become a sort of my tradition to get wet in the first rain of the season..

When I am standing under the rain,,i just forget who I am ,or,where I am,,for me at that time it's just rain and me (my heart)..The feeling is ecstatic..sometimes tears fall from eyes ,,they are of sheer pleasure,,the pleasure which tells me I am alive,,I am the same person as when I was a child....

O God ! I am crazy!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I am blessed

Today I am writing this post to tell you how I was blessed recently.

First of all,i would like to thank Sophiagurl ,for giving me this chance to share my blessing with you.

It was my parents marriage anniversary, I had decided to buy a mobile phone
for my Dad as he really wanted to own one from a long time,but he didn't as he thought it would be a waste of money,,as he is retired from Job and doesn't go out from home most of the times....

I had decided the model and everything ,but I came to know that I would be getting my salary late this month......

It was very depressing for me,,,I had lost all hopes to present it on anniversary Day.

Then unexpectedly one of my friend called me,,who had taken some money few months back ,,but I had forgotten about it..

She said,,"Do you remember I owe you some money?"

I said "No"

Then She told me about it in detail,,She said She wants to return the money,,when
should She come........

It was a miracle for me.....

A blessing indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Now I can say "I am blessed"

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

8 Random Facts

Recently I was tagged by my friend Pieter

The Rules:

Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

8 random facts about me:

1)I am an Indian,,,and love to be an Indian.

2)I am not married till now,,,but I am in Love with someone with
whom I wish to get married..

3)I believe in non-violence..I am a peaceful person.

4)I love reading books-inspirational,romantic or adventurous.

5)I like watching romantic movies....

6)I am a Libran,,,,I was born in October.

7)I don't like pets.

8)I believe in Astrology a lot.........

Now,,my 8 random tags are:-

taylor blue



^M!R@G3^ ChoPPeR






Have a nice day !

Thursday, May 31, 2007

36 years of Togetherness

Yes..............36 years....

On 2nd June is my parents' marriage anniversary......
They will complete 36 years of togetherness tomorrow......

I really admire my parents as a couple...

I have never seen them fighting,,quarreling or even talking rudely to each other..

Yes,,you can call them perfect couple...

My mother is a devoted housewife....She has always taken care of our family..
My father is a caring husband and a concerned Father......

Though Physically they do not match perfectly,,,like my father is much taller than my mother.....and my mother is much fairer then my father,,but their hearts match perfectly...

No, no,,,you are wrong,,they did not had a love marriage,,but a fully arranged marriage..what more ,,they had not seen each other before marriage....

So ,,it's their marriage anniversary tomorrow...

On their anniversary I just wish that they have many more years of togetherness......

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad !!!!!

I love you mom and dad.........................

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tagged again!!!!!

Hi friends,

I have been tagged again!!
And this is the second time I have been tagged!!

I don't mind getting tagged,,but yes it deviates you from what you want to write in your blog...

I have been tagged by my friend Dream catcher

Rules of tagging are:-
1) each blogger starts with eight - ten random facts/habits about themselves…
2) people who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about the tag and post these rules…
3) at the end of your post, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names…

So, here I start..................

No scars..................

getting married to my friend......

Miss the moments spent with my siblings....

a ring from my friend…

smell of gaazar ka halwa…


yes,,when i am alone......


it's coffee for me…

Fries from Mc Donalds

My sister


I speak Hindi,English and a bit of French

Gift them something..which they needed for a long time


Can't say,,just writing ,one

my friend....


at home,India

my sweetness and kindness.


one or two




Chicken Biryani

trusting people easily


yes …and I am sad about it.


2elder sisters and one elder brother

Haven't tried yet..

Ok So people I am tagging are

1) Prajyot

2) Aditi
3) Praveen

Ok ,,take care friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's Dance to the Alexa train

Hey friends!

Do you want to increase your alexa ranking ,,,just join this alexa train..
It will do wonders to your ranking...
Here are the Rules for joining............

This is the train:

~Start Copying Here~
Alexa Redirect Train by Carl Ocab


1. Put anything you like above this list – Chit Chat, talkies, introduce what this is. Something like that

2. Start copying on the “~Start Copying Here~” and copy all the things listed without removing the links (Of course, the train would be no use without those links)

3. Move all the sites labeled “Newbies” to the list labeled “Oldies”

4. Add 5 sites that you want to include in the train and make their link like this: then invite them to join the train.

5. Visit all the listed sites! (That’s not much work! Remember, if you plant good seeds they will also grow good) and look at your high Alexa ranking next week!


Life is just around the corner
The augmented Reality
My life in my words


PandaCube-A Digital Notebook
My Life and my Views
Love Forever

Il protagonista

Beyond Technology

Only GOD keeps me going
Mr & Mrs Imran
My Fairy-Tale
Life in the Fast Lane
The BenSpark
Celebrity Brands
Still Frames

Connected Internet

Lyte Byte

Reflections Of Time

The Cure For Silence

Blog About Money Online

Manila Mom
How to earn money online?
Quasi Fictional
Make Money Blogging!
Make Money Online 2.0
Nate Whitehill
Grow your Writing Business
Gary Lee
Smart Wealthy Rich
Erik Karey: Internet Entrepreneur
Hate The Grind

Earn Money Blogging

be the change - tread the path
Money making Ideas in Blog
Cell Rater
Click Fire

~End Copying Here~

so,all the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Believe!

Just Believe !!!

Recently, I read an article on optimism in Newspaper..
It was about a book " THE SECRET" by Rhonda Byrne.
This book is about optimism..
This book is stated as the publishing phenomenon of the year,and is said to have sold more than 1.3 million copies in United States alone.

What exactly do we mean by being optimistic..??

According to Oxford Dictionary,
Optimism = inclination to hopefulness and confidence.


Pessimism =tendency to take worst view or expect worst outcome.

So,what you type of a person you are:-
Pessimist or Optimist

I have been an optimist since my childhood.....

The greatest optimistic secret according to the book is
"like attracts like.Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your universe.You are the most powerful magnet in the as you think a thought you are also attracting like thoughts to you."

When you focus on something,
no matter what it happens to be,
you are really calling that into existence
The Secret

If you're an optimist,you'll be thinking happy thoughts,your life will be have happy moments.

I think we all should be optimistic in life and be prepared to laugh off all negativity.....

According to latest studies,
Optimists have more stable cardiovascularsystem,more responsive immune systems.
They also have a stronger sense of self efficacy...

Being optimistic has long been considered an asset when battling an illness or overcoming an adversity.....

Optimists aren't just smiley-faced romantics...They're realists who resolve to solve problems.

If you believe the future will be good,you'll persist through tough times whether you're naturally cheerful or not.

"If you're an optimist working harder at a task,your stress hormones may go up.Your immune system may slip.But it's like doing crunches at a gym.
short term,more crunches hurt.
long term,you get payback in terms of health.

Optimism leads to increased well-being as it leads you to engage actively in life.
How to be optimistic?

Here are some tips for you to become optimistic

1)You can only have one thought at a time

This is the key to feeling optimistic,enjoying your life, and fulfilling your vision for a delightful life.You can keep only one thought in your head at a time.

Dwell on what you want to not dwell on what you do ot want.

2) Expect the best

"A man is what he thinks about all day long."Ralph Waldo Emerson

3)Strong ambition

The people who move moutains,people who get things done,are people who feel a profound sense of mission.

They dive into their projects with gusto.
Every highly successful person is a maniac on a mission.

4)Gumption to change how you think

You have a tremendous opportunity to feel more confident and optimistic than you ever may have dreamed possible.

You can unleash your energy and hone your focus on what you want most.


Persistence is the key to feeling happy.
Persistent people achieve more then less persisitent people.

"Everything is possible for those, who are persistent."

I liked this article ,,,and I wished to share it with you....I hope you will like it,too .Please do tell me ,,what you think about it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Follow your Dreams

Dreams !!!!!!!!!

What would be life without dreams?

No, I am not talking about dreams ,which we see while sleeping.

I am talking about the dreams which we see when we are wide awake..

These dreams are our desires,,things we are planning to do.....

I have read somewhere that "Those who dream the most,do the most."

It means that, unless you think about something ,,,how can you do it.
so,for doing something great,you first have to think about it,or in other words,,you have to dream about it.

There is a very nice book titled "ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho,I am going to quote something from that book related to dreams.

1."It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."

2."People are capable,at any time in their lives,of doing what they dream of."

3."People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams,because they feel that they don't deserve them,or that they'll be unable to achieve."

4."There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure."

I also have seen many dreams for my future life.
I want to marry my boyfriend.
I want to live a loving life with my husband.
I want us to be a successful couple..

I want that some day,our names are familiar to whole world .

I don't know whether my dreams will be fulfilled. or not..

I know it requires dedication,hard work,and discipline to achieve anything big.

I am ready for it...

I just need your best wishes.........

So I want to say that dream,,dream and dream...............
and then work hard to fulfill your dream.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do you also love Blog Catalog ?

Hey Readers !

Today I am writing this post to tell you how much I like Blog Catalog.

I started blogging in the month of March..
I was looking for ways to increase traffic to my blogsite.

Then One day I came to know about BlogCatalog.

I must say ,that's from that day my blogging life has changed.

Initially I wrote my blog,keeping only my indian readers in mind,,but now I know that my blog is read by people all over the globe,,so now I write my posts,keeping everyone in mind.

Blogcatalog is very simple to use,,no hazzles,etc.

The beautiful widgets :recent readers widget,neighbourhood widgets are superb..

I have added recent readers widget on my blog,,It has added beauty to my blog.

Through this widget,I am able to reach out to so many people...

we can easily add someone as our friend,,and can easily join their neighbourhood...

Let's go to Blogcatalog home page

Want to Know how a blogdetail page looks in blogcatalog ?

want to see my blogcatalog profile (ardu80).

so overall blog catalog is easy to use,easy to understand,,,user-friendly social networking site.

I hope it becomes the largest social networking site soon....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day--13 May'07

Mother's Day is a day for celebrating motherhood and thanking mothers. It is held on the second Sunday in May.

Mothers often receive gifts on this day.

In the United States,Tradition calls for the wearing of roses or carnations on Mother's Day — a red one if one's mother is alive, and white if she has died.

This year Mother's Day is on 13th of May.

Mothers are angels sent from heaven above. They sacrifice and give more then you can ever imagine.

Mothers are very special.
They nurture us with love and care.
Mother's Love is a selfless love...
She cares for her child unconditionally.

We should not only respect our mothers ,,but also love them as much as we can.

Today ,I am going to share some quotes about Mothers with you,I hope you will like them:

1)A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.
~Tenneva Jordan

2)The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

3)If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam.
~Lord Langdale (Henry Bickersteth)

4)When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
~Sophia Loren, Women and Beauty

5)Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.
~Marion C. Garretty

6)Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.
~Mildred B. Vermont

7)A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary."
~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

8)"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers."
~ Jewish Proverb

9)Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.
~ George Cooper

10)Mother is the name for god on the lips and hearts of all children
~Brandon Lee

So,,Happy Mother's Day to all of You..

Gift your mother,your love ,this day....

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi friends !

I have been tagged by Sophiagurl (zhoep).

I am new to this tagging business.

I hope no one will mind my tagging them.

Rules of tagging are:

• List seven (7) random facts/habits about yourself.

• Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog.

• Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

Seven habits/facts about me are:-

1)I keep going on dieting regimen now and then....
Infact I love dieting......
I have tried many diets-low carbohydrate diet, low calorie diet.,etc.

2)I love eating out.
I have gone to almost all the restaurants in my city.

3)I love sending cards to people---birthday cards,new year cards,etc.

4)I love using my laptop....I love my laptop....

5)I love travelling.
I want to see the whole world...

6)I hate going to parties.

7)I become very happy when someone leaves a comment on my blog.

Now it's my turn to tag; so I tag:-




Thanks to Sophiagurl for tagging me and teaching me this game.

So Keep blogging all of you,,,

bye,take care.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cute Little One

Hi friends,,

Good day to all of you !!

Have you ever been in company of small kids 2-3 yrs of age..?

It's so nice to be with them,,,ofcourse not as a mother,,since being a mother you have all the responsibilities and tensions,,so you can't enjoy so much..

Recently, my niece (sister's daughter) ,Saumya ,visited us along with her parents,ofcourse.

She is 2yrs,3 months old,,she is really very cute...

Most of the time she repeats whatever she hears,,but sometimes she speaks on her own,too.

It was really fun to be with her...

she knows all the poems,,and her ABC....

I was ready to do anything she wished ,just to make her happy..

whatever she does ,she asks other people to do the same,,,
"aise karo!aise karo ! (do like this! do like this!)"

She is really very soft-hearted,,whenever she sees any kid crying,she becomes worried,and asks us,
"ye kyun ro raha hai (why is he crying) "
Then,we have to tell her all sort of stories,,to release her tension.

She loves to shop ,just like her mother..

Once we went to a shopping mall,I was searching for necklaces and pendants,,,so she also began to choose some for her...

She likes Lays ,coke and Mango-bite.

I had told her that we worship God after taking a bath,,so One day after taking bath,she remembered and went to puja-room,,and for 10-15 minutes she worshipped...she clapped her hands,,folded her hands,,
she sang,"Om jagdish ji,,om jagdish ji,,,,,"
and when someone asked what are you doing,She said,
''mein to puja kar rahi hoon,aarti kar rahi hoon,,,Mausi tum bhi aao na.
(i am praying,singing prayer,,aunty,you also come)"

She is not very naughty,,but very cute....

I bet if you meet her,you can't stop yourself from loving her.

It was really a sad moment,,when she went back....

well,this is life,,,,

I don't know when I will meet her again,,may be after a year,because it was after one and half year,I had met her this time...

Anyway,,now she will always be in my thoughts..........................

Sunday, May 6, 2007

SpiderMan-3: My Views


Cast: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco

The Spider Man-3 is a longer movie than its earlier versions.It is of 139 minutes.

Spider Man-3 released in India on May 4.

Yesterday ,I watched Spider Man-3 in a multiplex theatre..
I have also seen its earlier versions-Spider Man-1,Spider Man-2.

Spider Man-3 is a good movie .

There are three villains, a doubting girl friend, a hard-to-resist seductress and some evil alien goop.

Spiderman has too many troubles in this third instalment.

I have heard, that it is the most expensive film of the trilogy..

Harry, spidey's old friend, has become the Green Goblin now.
He thinks that it is spidey who had killed his father..
He is ready to take the revenge..He starts by making spidey's girl friend,Mary Jane, his girl friend...

So Mary Jane has doubts whether she still loves spidey or not..
Mary loses her job,,and she is jealous of spidey's popularity,,so she turns to harry,,,,and finally she tells spidey that she wont meet him again..

There is alien element which makes spiderman more powerful,,but more arrogant and hard-hearted,,now the spidey who used to save people ,is ready to kill people to take his revenge.

His tryst with his evil side does give him a swagger and a sheen as he jives down the mean NY streets,it robs him of all the goodness....

So ,naturally audience feels better when spidey tears off the black-latex costume,made of mysterious extra-terrestrial chemical, and dons his red rubber again,righteously ready to save the world once more.

Then, there is his enemy ,Sand-man.
He is really awesome !!

He has a post-particle physics body that alternates between a sandstorm and a human form with perfect ease.

It is known ,that this is the person who had killed spidey's uncle .
Earlier Black spidey,,tries to kill him...but ..Later Red spidey Pardons him,,as it was not intentional.....

Then there is a photographer in peter parker's office,whom evil spidey had insulted and who had lost his job because of spidey..
He is now the villain ,he dons the alien particle dress and becomes very powerful......

Now both the sandman and this black dress man ,,get together to take revenge with Spiderman...

The most disturbing part of the movie is that ,now spiderman is not so powerful to fight his enemies alone...
He needs help of his friend,harry -green goblin---to fight with these enemies...
In the end Harry dies ,while saving spiderman and his girl-friend...

The lesson Spider Man-3 teaches is that ,we always have a choice to make....As Harry chose to help spiderman inspite of the bitterness he had against him,,we always have a choice to do what is right....

Spider Man-3 is still larger than life when the action cuts begin.
The CGI stuff is still nail-biting even now.

The king-kong kinda climax is block-buster stuff.

Spidey still sends a thrill down your spine as he dizzily bungee jumps across the Manhattan skyline..

But it's sad to see a superhero crying ,or bleeding .....

Is superhero becoming a normal man ?

well,, we don't want that..

Let superheroes be superheroes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Summer Time !

Hello Friends !

Namaste ! Bonjour ! Salaam !

How are you?

It's Summer time in India..

So what it means,

it means ........lot of dust, oppressive heat , laziness ,boredom....

Along with lot of skin problems due to heat.....

For Girls,,,going out in afternoons means Dark skin,,

For me this heat is unbearable,,I have tried lot of sunscreen Lotions ,,but not a single could prevent my skin from the sun.....

Hey! are you thinking that summers are really bad...,

then, No !!!!!!!!

There are some things which you can enjoy in summers only..

Like seasonal fruits ,which come in summers only ,,

Watermelon, melon, Litchi (Lychee), cucumber,,oranges,,,etc.

And How I could Forget the dearest Mango!!!!!!!!!

O ! I love mangoes!

Though we have ice-creams throughout the year ,,but it is most enjoyable in summers only.

Then ,there are varieties of soft-drinks,,which one enjoys in summers,
coca-cola,sprite,,orange drinks like Mirinda,,,mango-drinks like Maaza,Splice , etc...

So,,summers are not that bad also...

summer evenings are really a great time to Enjoy....

Then ,,,In summers its great to get up early till 5a.m.,,and just enjoy the weather.....It's cool at that time ,and you feel you are in contact with the environment,,,I love to go to morning walks....because In winters it's too difficult to leave your warm bed for morning walks...

So, overall,,, summers have some disadvantages and many advantages....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Defining Style

Grab your Style !

This was the heading in Sunday Times magazine of this week.

In this article some of India's top style icons have opened their style files-must have outfits,obsessions and differentiators.

I particularly liked the definition of style ,given by these style icons.

So, I have decided to share these style definitions with you.

1)Ritu Beri
"Style is intrinsic. Style is inherent.
It's the way you talk,walk.
You could look cool in a tracksuit too."

2)Vijay Mallya
"It's a feeling.Feeling good."

3)Sushmita Sen
"It's a personal statement of comfort.
It doesn't change with season but changes with your own growth.
Everyone is so caught up with the Bo Ho of what's in what's out that we forget our own style."

4)Anuradha Mahindra
"It's ultimately a great sense of comfort.
If you can manage not to be terrorised by trends,a sense of style is your individuality.If you follow trends blindly and are not comfortable with yourself,even the latest designer wear will not appear happening."

5)Karan Johar
"Always classic.
In or out is irrelevant for me.
What I am comfortable in and what looks good on me is important.
I think it's a personal taste."

6)Raghvendra Rathore
"Style is something that we choose to disseminate as our own impression.It becomes part of our personality and character.
We're branded in life by our look and style.
When we're gone,people still remember us by our style."

7)Peter Punj
"It's your personal aura."

8)Farhan Akhtar
"Anything goes as long as its comfy."

9)Nina Manuel
"Style is always original,and to be original,it needs to stem from how you feel and how comfortable you are with how you feel."

10)Simi Garewal
"Style is inherent.It's a reflection of your own personality."

I liked these definitions,specially the one by former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen..

I hope you will also like these definitions..

Learn French


After reading a French blog by a blogger friend, PATCH, I remembered my experience of trying to learn French.

My interest was in French ,because I will be going to Canada in one-two years.

So,One fine day,I decided To Learn French.

I told my boy-friend,that I wanted to learn French.

We went to a book-shop, and I chose two books which claimed to teach French.

2)French made easy

I started with full concentration ,and tried for two months ,but couldn't learn French properly.

Learning from books is not very easy,as you don't know how to pronounce a word,and also learning a new language is not an easy task.

I wanted to join an institute to learn French,but it didn't materialised.

Thanks to the books, I know a little-bit French.

Want a sample,,so read it:


comment allez-vous?

Je suis de Inde.
Je parle bien anglais.
Je ne suis pas marie'e.

Au revoir"

English translation:

"Hello lady/Gentleman,

How are you?

I am from India.
I speak good English.
I am not married.


This is just a sample..

Though I don't know much about the grammar .
The most important is Pronunciation,in which I often make mistake.

French is very musical language and I really like it.

I have intention to learn it more properly,,whenever I am able to gather some courage to learn something new..

I Hope I will be able to Know French more properly........... .

till then,

Au revoir.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sales tricks--Encounter with a salesman

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to tell you about my encounter with a sales man.

It was Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on a chair , logged on to internet ,had just started writing a post for my blog, then at that precise moment ,the door bell chymed.

Nobody else was at home. Mom and Pa had gone to doctor for mom's regular checkup.

I got up a bit angrily,from the chair and opened the main door of the house, there I saw a young, handsome person standing with some packets.I went to the main gate with some curiosity.

As soon as I reached the main-gate ,he said, "Hello, ma'am, congratulations!"

"Congratulations! but for what? and who are you?,I asked.

"Ma'am, I am Mayank Pandey from xyz (i don't remember the name of company).I am a BBA student .Your house no. has been chosen for the free gifts from the company."He explained.

"Can you please open the gate for me to show you these gifts."He said.

I opened the door ,but I was a bit nervous,,as I was alone in house ,and I knew it is not safe to open the doors for any stranger,,he may be a burglar,kidnapper or a rapist, or a murderer..,but Free Gifts motivated me to open the gate for him.

He then showed me the four gift-boxes ,about which earlier I was too curious.

The gift boxes contained the cutlery sets..In one was set of knives,,Other had set of spoons.,One had forks sets and one ice-cream set.

The moment I saw The knives set,I was trembling inwards,,I thought that I had committed the biggest mistake of my life.Now something bad was surely going to happen.

He was continuously telling something,about the company and the price,
but now my mind was not on his talks.

Then he closed the packets,and gave them to me ..

He said it is free.

Then,he started telling me the names of my neighbours ,who had also been given the gifts and he showed me the receipt.

On hearing the names of the neighbours, I was relieved..I now knew he was a salesman and nothing else.

Then I noticed on the receipts it was written ,500/- and signed by customers.

I asked him ,"what is this 500 rupees,,you said it was free."

"yes, ma'am, it is free, if you go to Shopping Mall,you will get the same products for 2000/- from tomorrow..500 is just a token money..Only few people have been chosen,,you are lucky to be among them."he told.

Now I knew that there was nothing free ,,only a way to fool people to buy unwanted things ,by telling them it is free.

I said, "No,I don't want anything,,I already have nice cutlery sets.Thank you."

"Ma'am,, but you have been chosen,,..........."He replied.

I closed the Gate..

"Ma'am, but pls can you help me,, just write your name ,,so that I can show at my college."He begged.

I signed it and gave it to him .I thought that now he will show it to others and fool them ,that so many people have bought his things.But his innocent look ,made me do that.

I came back to my room, thought about this,, and started writing my blog .

Today I decided to share this incident with all of you.

May be ,my post saves others from getting fooled by companies,,who tell you something is free,and then take money from you .when, in the first place you had no inclination to buy that thing in your near future.

Beware of Handsome young salesmen trying to give you free gifts from the company.