Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hubby's Birthday

It was hubby's birthday last week on March 19th. He was very sad all day. When I asked him, 'what's the matter?' He said that he is getting old. "I am old by one more year today."
I tried to cheer him up but he kept his sad mood. In the evening I made his favorite food, which I learnt from one of my favorite food blogs.  We call it " kharna" or besan ki katli. I never ate this until I got married and my mom-in-law made it for me. That's why It was hard for me to learn it. She always kept the recipe secret. I mean she told me verbally but I never saw her making it. Anyways, it is my hubby's favorite food. He was happy when he saw what I had made.

Happy Birthday to my dear Husband.
I always want to see you happy and smiling.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cooking my second passion

Yes, cooking is my second passion. It comes after writing which is my passion no.1.
I like trying new recipes. I also like to change recipes according to my taste and my husband's likes.
I am not a great cook, but I consider myself a good cook.
Recently, I came across two blogs which I liked a lot. They are related to cooking.
1. Mye's Kitchen
2. Banaras ka khana

I really liked these two blogs and the wonderful recipes they had.
Now, I have a big task of trying the recipes from these blogs.

I love cooking. It's really nice to cook something from scratch. I have two recipes in mind which I am going to try this weekend. I hope My husband will like them. He is very supportive of my cooking experiments and is my best critic. He tells me the truth and it really means a lot when he likes something.

It's Friday today. I was really waiting for it.
One more week then we have spring break. I hope we will try to enjoy our spring break in spite of all the problems at work and all.

Have a Good weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2014

We are in 2014.

2014 is here.
Happy new year to all of you.
Once again I am writing on my blog after so many months.
I was browsing through my blog and I realized that life has changed so much since I first started writing this blog.

2007 to 2014.. Seven years.

In 2007 I was single girl,living with my parents in India.
In 2014 I am a married woman, living in US with my husband and my son.

My son is 3 years old now.
So, I got married and moved to US in 2008,
 Got a job in 2009,
and then had a baby in 2010.
And lost my mom in 2011.
And had a new nephew, that is my brother's son in 2012.
Had another nephew, my brother-in-law's son in 2013.

Well, life has changed a lot.

I feel like I am getting old though I know I am not.

So, now I am in 2014 and ready to embrace what it brings to me and my family.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013

It's April 10, 2013 today. Its been more than a year since I wrote any post in this blog of mine. I often visit my blog but somehow never able to write anything. During this time a lot of things have changed in my life.

My son is now 30 months old. Well, I can't believe it somehow. He is really a cute and adorable little darling. I know all the moms say this about their kids, and I believe all of them are right! My husband and I are still living in the same town working at the same place.

 There has been a tragedy in my life. On 15th day of Decmeber 2011, I lost my mom. She died in India while I was here- so far from her. I couldn't even see her for the last time. It wasn't easy for me. It's been a year now. I guess that was my main reason for not writing on my blog.My last post was on December 8, 2011. I didn't know then that after a week of that I will lose my mom. I was busy planning for christmas party and celebration when the world fell apart for me. I guess not seeing my mom during her last hours still make me feel that she is alive and is in India. I somehow cant relate to the fact that she is no more. I talk to my dad often and know that he is all alone now. Learning to live without her and live his life, but its not easy especially for Indian men who are totally dependent on their spouses for emotional support.

 Well, as there is a saying that time is the biggest healer, I think as time goes by things will be much better. I want to connect with my siblings but all of them (and me too) are too busy in their jobs, kids and families that I am not sure it is possible.There are distances between us some seen, and some unseen.

Since I don't want to end this post on a sad note, I want to let you all know that its almost time for the school out, just few weeks more. My husband and I are planning to visit India this summer, it's time for the first hair cut of our son. In our culture we have a ceremony for this and a big feast where we invite all our relatives, friends and neighbors. My husband's parents are waiting for us to come and spend some time with them. My dad too wants us to be there.

I hope this summer will be fun!

 I will talk to you guys soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011-looking back

2011 is in its last stages. 23 more days to go. How was this year for me? 
Well, to tell you the truth I don't know.
The year began when my son was just 3 months old, and now he is 14 months old.
Time flies very fast.
My husband and I were working at two different cities, but now we are working for the same school district.
During summer we went to India, it was okay but not very good.
This school year I started a  newspaper club for the school. It was really nice and people liked our newspapers.

I am always worried about my son now. After becoming a mom I  have changed a lot I guess.
I am hoping new year will be.much better than this one.
Take care

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Excited and Scared!!

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the beginning of October.

It has always been an important month for me as my birthday is on October 9.
Now, this month will have a new meaning for me and my family, as I am going to have my first baby this month.

yes, it's time for my baby to come to this world.

My due date is October 10, 2010,,,,,,,,,,,but next week my Doctor has called me to get admitted to the hospital for inducing labor.

Now, as my pregnancy is coming to an end, I am feeling relaxed but looking back I can say it has been a long and hard journey for me. These past nine months have been like a nightmare.

Not only the pregnancy issue but also so many problems at personal level. My husband and I have faced lot of problems these past few months, problems related to jobs, visa involving lot of betrayal of our trust, humiliation and sadness.

let's not talk about all that right now.

Right now I am excited about my baby. I am scared too.

will talk to you more about it tomorrow.

take care .........................

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's summer time

Hi Friends,

I know I am guilty of being away from my blog for past five months, but life has been too busy. It's summer time, so I am enjoying my summer vacations. School is out and next year will start from August.

There has been lot of changes in my life. Well, are you ready for the news..........I am expecting a baby, yes I am pregnant. I am in my sixth month and baby is due in October, 2010.

Last few months I don't know where I have been, the first trimester being like a nightmare with no energy and nausea, etc.

I have lots of things to tell, but got to go....

Take care,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New year 2010

Hi Everyone,

A Very happy new year to all the people. I hope the new year brings you joy and happiness. May your biggest dreams come true in this new year.

I am back to my home after my long travel, we went to california to visit my family, my husband's family is in India so we will visit them during summer vacations.

We traveled in our car to california via las vegas, we stayed for one night at vegas while going and stayed fro two nights at a hotel while returning back.

I really had a good time in California, meeting my family after such a long time, and eating lots of good food and visiting lots of interesting places.

We returned back last night.

I am tired of my journey and scared of going to work again next week.

Will write again soon.

Happy New year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Christmas Time

I know I am writing after a long time. I was just so busy in my professional and personal life. My personal life is suffering a lot due to my job. There are trainings on saturdays and sundays. It's so busy. I am glad my hubby is a co-operating one, he is always understanding and never complaining. Okay, forget all that, it's time for christmas.

Only three more days to work and then a long vacation, wow!!!
Everyone in the school is waiting for the vacation. Students especially, well they have two more days to go. This week is a week with less work pressure. Yesterday we had full day school. Today and tomorrow we are having final examinations, so there is half-day for students, and then on Thursday we have christmas programs and community dinner and Friday is a holiday for students and we are having teacher appreciation dinner. It's a half-day for us.

Then I will be having a christmas break for 15 days. That's really great. A time to strengthen my personal life. Spending time with my hubby. We are going to California during the break to meet my Family- my dad, mom, brother and sister-in-law. I hope We will enjoy.

Will write again soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

How was your Halloween????????

It was a good halloween, I spent it in two places. On Friday, the school I work for, celebrated the halloween, it was good to see little kids dressed up as angels, witches, etc. Even some of the teachers were wearing the halloween costume. In the evening I invited my Indian colleague to my house so that we can give candies to the trick or treat kids. It was her first halloween, as we do not celebrate this festival in India. The kids came with their parents and dressed in their halloween costumes, asking the same question, "trick or treat?" We gave them the candies and they went on to the next houses.

On Friday night I went to my husband's place and on Saturday we gave the candies to the kids there who came for their trick or treating. When we ran out of candies, we decided to go to Flagstaff and have dinner there. We went there and had dinner and returned in few hours.

Now I am getting ready to go back to my place. It's a really a very bad feeling to go back to that world where I am alone.

Will write again soon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's going to be November soon

I realize that I am writing a post after one month. It's been a busy month.

Actually, it is my birthday month. My birthday was on 9th of October. We decided a week before my birthday to celebrate my birthday weekend in Utah. It is almost 7-8 hours from my place. Everything was arranged, even we reserved the hotel but then on 8th I received an e-mail from my supervisor that we have a mandatory training on 9th evening and 10th whole day. It was really a bummer. I felt so bad and sad, one of my colleagues, who is a nce lady she told me don't be sad think that money you will get for the training as your birthday present. So, i cancelled the hotel reservation and attended the training till 6 o' clock in the evening. My hubby took me for a drive and there we had pizza and he bought the cake for me. We got back home and we celebrated my birthday. It was good, the cake was tasty too.

Then the weekend after that on 17th of October we celebrated our Indian festival " Diwali", the festival of the lights. It is the biggest festival for India.

One of my colleagues who is also from India , came with us to my husband's place and celebrated the festival with us, whole day was spent shopping and in the evening I wore my traditional dress, 'saree' and we worshpped the lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. We lighted the candles and earthern diyas. I made the Indian food and then had dinner very late and then went to bed, next day we went back to my place.

This weekend my husband had a conference in Flagstaff, so we went there on Friday and spent the night in a hotel and then whole day he was there in the conference and I rested in the hotel room, in the evening we came back.

This was the story of my last few weekends.

will write again soon.