Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Great News

WOW, Few hours back today I got a very good news,yeah it's about my parents.
They got their Visa ,infact Green card for coming to U.S. It's really good. I was always worried about them as after my marriage there was no one to look after them, but now since they are coming to US, they can live with hubby and me or they can live with my brother and his wife (Bhabhi). SO, Now I won't be worrying.

They called me and informed me, my father said," your mom is coming to America", I was thrilled. I am really happy. It's a day to celebrate.

They will come here in November as they want to enjoy their last few months there.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Living in a small town

If you live in a small town, you know how it is. People know about each other.
So the news that I am learning driving is in the town, everybody knows that, even those who have not seen me driving. The lady across the street was saying to my husband one day, "Is your wife learning to drive? I think you should go to a parking lot and let her practise, this is how I taught my son to drive."

Then other day lady living in the corner house was saying to me, "Are you learning to drive? You are driving very good."

Then one lady who is my husband's colleague was saying, "Is your wife learning to drive? I saw you both yesterday and saw her driving."

The news is in the town, which has made me very conscious about the whole thing.

Well, I have learnt driving a lot I say 40% and my husband says that it is 60%.

I am still working on it..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going Green

I love to grow plants and want to have a beautiful garden. I have roses in the frontyard, but my backyard is empty. Yesterday, my Hubby and I, were discussing how this summer we can work on our backyard and grow vegetables, fruits and flowers there.

I told him we can buy plants from the nursery in Flagstaff. I have been there once, and it is really nice, there are different varieties of plants there.

It was decided that since we are not going to visit India, we will make our house greener.

I think it's a wise decision.

The above picture is of my little rock garden taken almost an year ago. We went to India last summer, so all the plants dried up and when we came back, I was so sad for my plants.

If our plans work out may be we will have lots of good plants soon.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am scared

Yes, I am scared of driving at very high speed. Yesterday we decided to go to Red Lake which is around 30 miles from our place. The difficult part was that I had to drive and on highway at 65 miles per hour. Although I agreed to it but I was not confident, well began my journey with 45 miles/hr and maximum I could do safely was 55 miles/hr. . The Road seemed so narrow that I was scared all the time that I may enter the other lane, meant for cars coming from other direction. I managed half the way but after that I told my hubby that I can't take any more. He tried to pacify me, and told me I am doing perfect and I should be confident, but I told him may be later I will try, so I stopped the car at side and my hubby brought us back home.

I am not feeling good about it, but may be I need some more practice and more confidence in myself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Every Rose has a Thorn

You might be thinking that yesterday I was so happy, but now I am talking about thorns, yeah life is like that. I was enjoying the rain , so yesterday Hubby & I decided to go to town (Flagstaff), to do shopping eat dinner or lunch and enjoy our holidays of three days, it's a long weekend, as it's Memorial Day on Monday.

In the morning, as hubby checked the car, he saw that one of the wiper blades was not moving, I mean passenger side blade was working finely, but the most important driver's seat wiper blade was refusing to move. It was raining, so we were in a big trouble.

Well, Hubby Called some people to know who can fix this, but since it's a weekend, many shops were closed and being new to town has its own problems. We went to the Auto Repair shop of our own little town, the man checked it and said something like whole belt has to be replaced, it will take half an hour and $59.00 for the repairing.This news made me sad and he said he can do that on Monday.

Now what we could do, we decided to check in some more repair shops about the price and all, so we went to the town in rain with one wiper blade working.

We looked at different Auto Repair shops, One person told he will fix a nut for $25 and then he will see what else has to be done, we were not satisfied so we went to another Nationwide transmission, he said he will charge $40 for just looking at the problem and then he will tell what is the problem, at this point I was exhausted. I wanted to get it right no matter how much it costs, we went to Wal-mart for shopping, there my hubby asked a staff member about solution to our problem, he told may be we can check at Jiffy Lube, while I was shopping, my husband went there and they told let them see, and the person there tightened a nut, and it started working , when my hubby asked how much he needs to pay, he said nothing, it's free, my hubby thanked him, and he came back to Wal-mart and told me about it, I was happy,relieved and thankful to that guy.

Then we enjoyed our shopping, ate at Pizza Hut, and came back around 11 p.m.

That's the story.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Raining

Wow, it was raining yesterday. It was really surprising, as in past 18 months of my stay in Arizona, it rained for the first time. We (Hubby & I) , enjoyed the rain yesterday, we went to post office and grocery store in the rain. It was after one year we were seeing the rain. Last year in July, when we were in India we saw it.

So, excited by the rain, I took out my new umbrella to flaunt it.

It was really good, walking in rain and smiling at each other. The good thing was that it was not raining very heavily.

I love the rain, but now living here, it has become more precious since it is so rare.

Well, rain meant no driving practice for me, it's okay, once in a while I can allow this.

I love you rain, come again soon !!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Win a Flowery Bag


As I was browsing through the various blogs, I came across this contest by Phat-woman . She is giving a beautiful flowery fabric bag to the winner of the May Contest.

RoTP May Blog Contest 200x200

Hurry up,the contest will end on 31st May'2009.

Rules of the contest are:

1) This contest is open to everyone, anywhere around the world.

2) This contest starts today, Friday, 1 May 2009 to Sunday, 31 May 2009.

3) Multiple posts are allowed on single or multiple blogs, as long as you leave the right post links. The more posts you write, the more chances you'll get to win!
4) The winner will be picked using

5) The winner will be announced on Monday, 1 June 2009 (Malaysian time, +8 GMT).

6) Please DO NOT COPY my post as part of your text, except for the rules. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

One more thing, there are 5 consolation prizes too, chosen by

I have said enough, so go and check the Ramblings of the Phat and take part in this contest and if you are lucky win a good looking fabric bag.

All the best.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you want a Ride ?

Do you know what I am doing nowadays, it's exciting, it's scary and unbelievable for me. I am DRIVING nowadays, yes I am learning to drive and I am almost there. I mean now I can drive.

You must be thinking what's so great about it. Everybody knows how to drive and I am a bit old learning at this stage of life. Well, you are right, but If you see the things from my perspective then it's a big deal. I am from India , where father's are too protective for their daughters, so my father too, never let me try to learn driving, he thought it was too dangerous for girls and he didn't want me to get hurt.

I really am thankful to my husband, who is helping me to learn driving and letting me drive, sometimes I get mad at him and sometimes he gets mad at me, then later everything is okay. The result is that I am able to drive , yet with a lot more to learn and practice to become a skilled driver.

Thanks to you all too for listening to my boring life details.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer 2009

It's time for the Summer Break,so my hubby and I are busy making plans to go somewhere for vacations. We are excited to go to India but the only problem is costly air tickets $2000 per person, and we have to think a lot before spending so much money, we keep wishing that prices will go down, but no hopes there.

We miss our families and they too keep asking us as to when we are going to come, but we have no answers.

So, if we are not going to India where should we go? I want to go to Florida-- the disney world adventures. Will you believe that living just 65 miles away from Grand Canyon, we have not been there once, while we have been to Californis, Las Vegas which are so far away. Procrastination, yeah we know it is so near that we can go anytime, the result that anytime has not come even after 14 months.

If you can give me so great ideas for vacation, I will really appreciate.

take care folks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beautiful Life

Life is beautiful and colored, I can say this nowadays as my front yard is full of beautiful roses. Yellow, red , pink,and orange roses. My hubby and I keep admiring them daily.

It's our luck that the person who lived in our house before us, planted these roses and we are able to have these roses with little effort. Little effort, Ya we are also doing our part by watering these plants daily.

Aren't these roses beautiful. Don't they bring you close to God, there is a song in Hindi that 'if the creation of God is so beautiful then how beautiful he would be'.

Whenever we see these roses, we forget our problems and just see them and admire them and can't stop from smiling at each other .