Thursday, September 30, 2010

Excited and Scared!!

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is the beginning of October.

It has always been an important month for me as my birthday is on October 9.
Now, this month will have a new meaning for me and my family, as I am going to have my first baby this month.

yes, it's time for my baby to come to this world.

My due date is October 10, 2010,,,,,,,,,,,but next week my Doctor has called me to get admitted to the hospital for inducing labor.

Now, as my pregnancy is coming to an end, I am feeling relaxed but looking back I can say it has been a long and hard journey for me. These past nine months have been like a nightmare.

Not only the pregnancy issue but also so many problems at personal level. My husband and I have faced lot of problems these past few months, problems related to jobs, visa involving lot of betrayal of our trust, humiliation and sadness.

let's not talk about all that right now.

Right now I am excited about my baby. I am scared too.

will talk to you more about it tomorrow.

take care .........................

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's summer time

Hi Friends,

I know I am guilty of being away from my blog for past five months, but life has been too busy. It's summer time, so I am enjoying my summer vacations. School is out and next year will start from August.

There has been lot of changes in my life. Well, are you ready for the news..........I am expecting a baby, yes I am pregnant. I am in my sixth month and baby is due in October, 2010.

Last few months I don't know where I have been, the first trimester being like a nightmare with no energy and nausea, etc.

I have lots of things to tell, but got to go....

Take care,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New year 2010

Hi Everyone,

A Very happy new year to all the people. I hope the new year brings you joy and happiness. May your biggest dreams come true in this new year.

I am back to my home after my long travel, we went to california to visit my family, my husband's family is in India so we will visit them during summer vacations.

We traveled in our car to california via las vegas, we stayed for one night at vegas while going and stayed fro two nights at a hotel while returning back.

I really had a good time in California, meeting my family after such a long time, and eating lots of good food and visiting lots of interesting places.

We returned back last night.

I am tired of my journey and scared of going to work again next week.

Will write again soon.

Happy New year.