Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Christmas Time

I know I am writing after a long time. I was just so busy in my professional and personal life. My personal life is suffering a lot due to my job. There are trainings on saturdays and sundays. It's so busy. I am glad my hubby is a co-operating one, he is always understanding and never complaining. Okay, forget all that, it's time for christmas.

Only three more days to work and then a long vacation, wow!!!
Everyone in the school is waiting for the vacation. Students especially, well they have two more days to go. This week is a week with less work pressure. Yesterday we had full day school. Today and tomorrow we are having final examinations, so there is half-day for students, and then on Thursday we have christmas programs and community dinner and Friday is a holiday for students and we are having teacher appreciation dinner. It's a half-day for us.

Then I will be having a christmas break for 15 days. That's really great. A time to strengthen my personal life. Spending time with my hubby. We are going to California during the break to meet my Family- my dad, mom, brother and sister-in-law. I hope We will enjoy.

Will write again soon.