Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Summer Time !

Hello Friends !

Namaste ! Bonjour ! Salaam !

How are you?

It's Summer time in India..

So what it means,

it means ........lot of dust, oppressive heat , laziness ,boredom....

Along with lot of skin problems due to heat.....

For Girls,,,going out in afternoons means Dark skin,,

For me this heat is unbearable,,I have tried lot of sunscreen Lotions ,,but not a single could prevent my skin from the sun.....

Hey! are you thinking that summers are really bad...,

then, No !!!!!!!!

There are some things which you can enjoy in summers only..

Like seasonal fruits ,which come in summers only ,,

Watermelon, melon, Litchi (Lychee), cucumber,,oranges,,,etc.

And How I could Forget the dearest Mango!!!!!!!!!

O ! I love mangoes!

Though we have ice-creams throughout the year ,,but it is most enjoyable in summers only.

Then ,there are varieties of soft-drinks,,which one enjoys in summers,
coca-cola,sprite,,orange drinks like Mirinda,,,mango-drinks like Maaza,Splice , etc...

So,,summers are not that bad also...

summer evenings are really a great time to Enjoy....

Then ,,,In summers its great to get up early till 5a.m.,,and just enjoy the weather.....It's cool at that time ,and you feel you are in contact with the environment,,,I love to go to morning walks....because In winters it's too difficult to leave your warm bed for morning walks...

So, overall,,, summers have some disadvantages and many advantages....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Defining Style

Grab your Style !

This was the heading in Sunday Times magazine of this week.

In this article some of India's top style icons have opened their style files-must have outfits,obsessions and differentiators.

I particularly liked the definition of style ,given by these style icons.

So, I have decided to share these style definitions with you.

1)Ritu Beri
"Style is intrinsic. Style is inherent.
It's the way you talk,walk.
You could look cool in a tracksuit too."

2)Vijay Mallya
"It's a feeling.Feeling good."

3)Sushmita Sen
"It's a personal statement of comfort.
It doesn't change with season but changes with your own growth.
Everyone is so caught up with the Bo Ho of what's in what's out that we forget our own style."

4)Anuradha Mahindra
"It's ultimately a great sense of comfort.
If you can manage not to be terrorised by trends,a sense of style is your individuality.If you follow trends blindly and are not comfortable with yourself,even the latest designer wear will not appear happening."

5)Karan Johar
"Always classic.
In or out is irrelevant for me.
What I am comfortable in and what looks good on me is important.
I think it's a personal taste."

6)Raghvendra Rathore
"Style is something that we choose to disseminate as our own impression.It becomes part of our personality and character.
We're branded in life by our look and style.
When we're gone,people still remember us by our style."

7)Peter Punj
"It's your personal aura."

8)Farhan Akhtar
"Anything goes as long as its comfy."

9)Nina Manuel
"Style is always original,and to be original,it needs to stem from how you feel and how comfortable you are with how you feel."

10)Simi Garewal
"Style is inherent.It's a reflection of your own personality."

I liked these definitions,specially the one by former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen..

I hope you will also like these definitions..

Learn French


After reading a French blog by a blogger friend, PATCH, I remembered my experience of trying to learn French.

My interest was in French ,because I will be going to Canada in one-two years.

So,One fine day,I decided To Learn French.

I told my boy-friend,that I wanted to learn French.

We went to a book-shop, and I chose two books which claimed to teach French.

2)French made easy

I started with full concentration ,and tried for two months ,but couldn't learn French properly.

Learning from books is not very easy,as you don't know how to pronounce a word,and also learning a new language is not an easy task.

I wanted to join an institute to learn French,but it didn't materialised.

Thanks to the books, I know a little-bit French.

Want a sample,,so read it:


comment allez-vous?

Je suis de Inde.
Je parle bien anglais.
Je ne suis pas marie'e.

Au revoir"

English translation:

"Hello lady/Gentleman,

How are you?

I am from India.
I speak good English.
I am not married.


This is just a sample..

Though I don't know much about the grammar .
The most important is Pronunciation,in which I often make mistake.

French is very musical language and I really like it.

I have intention to learn it more properly,,whenever I am able to gather some courage to learn something new..

I Hope I will be able to Know French more properly........... .

till then,

Au revoir.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sales tricks--Encounter with a salesman

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to tell you about my encounter with a sales man.

It was Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on a chair , logged on to internet ,had just started writing a post for my blog, then at that precise moment ,the door bell chymed.

Nobody else was at home. Mom and Pa had gone to doctor for mom's regular checkup.

I got up a bit angrily,from the chair and opened the main door of the house, there I saw a young, handsome person standing with some packets.I went to the main gate with some curiosity.

As soon as I reached the main-gate ,he said, "Hello, ma'am, congratulations!"

"Congratulations! but for what? and who are you?,I asked.

"Ma'am, I am Mayank Pandey from xyz (i don't remember the name of company).I am a BBA student .Your house no. has been chosen for the free gifts from the company."He explained.

"Can you please open the gate for me to show you these gifts."He said.

I opened the door ,but I was a bit nervous,,as I was alone in house ,and I knew it is not safe to open the doors for any stranger,,he may be a burglar,kidnapper or a rapist, or a murderer..,but Free Gifts motivated me to open the gate for him.

He then showed me the four gift-boxes ,about which earlier I was too curious.

The gift boxes contained the cutlery sets..In one was set of knives,,Other had set of spoons.,One had forks sets and one ice-cream set.

The moment I saw The knives set,I was trembling inwards,,I thought that I had committed the biggest mistake of my life.Now something bad was surely going to happen.

He was continuously telling something,about the company and the price,
but now my mind was not on his talks.

Then he closed the packets,and gave them to me ..

He said it is free.

Then,he started telling me the names of my neighbours ,who had also been given the gifts and he showed me the receipt.

On hearing the names of the neighbours, I was relieved..I now knew he was a salesman and nothing else.

Then I noticed on the receipts it was written ,500/- and signed by customers.

I asked him ,"what is this 500 rupees,,you said it was free."

"yes, ma'am, it is free, if you go to Shopping Mall,you will get the same products for 2000/- from tomorrow..500 is just a token money..Only few people have been chosen,,you are lucky to be among them."he told.

Now I knew that there was nothing free ,,only a way to fool people to buy unwanted things ,by telling them it is free.

I said, "No,I don't want anything,,I already have nice cutlery sets.Thank you."

"Ma'am,, but you have been chosen,,..........."He replied.

I closed the Gate..

"Ma'am, but pls can you help me,, just write your name ,,so that I can show at my college."He begged.

I signed it and gave it to him .I thought that now he will show it to others and fool them ,that so many people have bought his things.But his innocent look ,made me do that.

I came back to my room, thought about this,, and started writing my blog .

Today I decided to share this incident with all of you.

May be ,my post saves others from getting fooled by companies,,who tell you something is free,and then take money from you .when, in the first place you had no inclination to buy that thing in your near future.

Beware of Handsome young salesmen trying to give you free gifts from the company.