Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today I am very sad...

I was depending upon something from past three months....

But now it seems as if my dream will never come true..

Yesterday the realization came to me that may be now, that work won't be done.

It's like waking up after a beautiful dream.

Now the chances are very low..........

So many decisions were depending upon that work....

Now it's like back to zero..........

Why me?

why everything wrong happens to me only?

It's like you have reached the station on time ,with everything prepared for journey but the train is cancelled..............

I am an optimist ,,though the hopes are low,,I am still thinking that may be that work will be done,,but there is so much uncertainty,,,so much fear...

Now I don't know what to do?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How are you looking today ?

How do you look? !!!!!!!!

Do you want people to praise you.............

Everyone of us is hungry to hear Good about ourselves....

But I want to know that, for you, whose praise matters the most..

1) A person who always praises you..
2)A person who never praises you,but when you ask ,he tells you yes u r looking good...
3)A person who tells you the truth ,,when you are looking Good ,he praises you ,,,and if not then tells you frankly...

I know ,nobody wants to hear bad about oneself....

But for me No. 3 category is the best...If someone has the courage to tell you that you are not looking Good,,means his judgement is not biased...So,,when such a person praises you,,then it definitely means that you are looking good..

A true friend is someone who tells you where you are wrong ,so that you can improve yourself....

Sometimes you feel bad ,if someone says you are not looking good,,or you are looking a bit overweight,,or a bit dull,,,but If someone is saying this,,there must bee truth in this,,so you can take this criticism positively,,and improve yourself...

So, have courage to hear truth and speak truth about others,,,,

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friends Are Forever

Hi Friends,

A very Happy Friendship Day

Yes,Friendship day is on 5th August.

Something about this Day
The United States Congress, in 1935, proclaimed first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event. The noble idea of honoring the beautiful relationship of friendship caught on with the people and soon Friendship Day became a hugely popular festival.

Following the popularity and success of Friendship Day in US, several other countries adopted the tradition of dedicating a day to friends. Today, Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated by several countries across the world including India.

Friendship day is a day to tell your friends,what they mean to you..

You can do so by sending them gifts (flowers,chocolates,Teddy bears ,etc.)
You can even sms them your feelings.

Or,simply call them and wish them Happy Friendship day to them..

In India markets are crowded with Friendship bands, a week before friendship day.
Friends give each other Friendship bands in order to show their love for friends.

People wear them on their wrist to show that they accept the friendship of the person who gave them the band..,and care for them....

Yesterday as I had gone to market with my friend ,I saw lots of nice friendship bands.

I asked my friend to buy me one and give know my friend is the type of person who believes it is for kids,,so I had to ask him to buy me one..
and since ,,he knows there is a child inside me and I won't be happy without having it,he agreed to buy me one....

This is the pic of the band ,,it's nice ,,,What do you think?

Since , Friendship day is on sunday ,I think I will be going for lunch with my friend on that day to some good place....

I want to dedicate this song by Mariah Carey to my dear friend,

"Anytime You Need A Friend
If you're lonely
And need a friend
And troubles seem like
They never end,
Just remember to keep the Faith,
And Love will be there to Light the Way

Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You'll never be alone again,
So don't you fear.
Even if you're miles away,
I'm by your side.
So don't you ever be lonely.
Love will make it alright.

When the shadows are closing in
And your Spirit deminishing,
Just remember you're not alone,
And Love will be there
To Guide you Home.

If you just believe in me,
I will Love you endlessly.
Take my hand.
Take me into your Heart.
I'll be there forever, baby.
I won't let go.
I'll never let go.

Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You'll never be alone again,
So don't you fear.
Even if your miles away,
I'm by your side.
So don't you ever be lonely.
It's alright.
It's alright. "

I also have so many friends ,,in this blogging world,,to whom I want to wish through my blog,I am wishing them Happy Friendship Day..I think there is no need to name them ,,as they will understand themselves after reading this post....
Friends who visit my blog ,read my blog ,,give their valuable comments on my blog,,,Friends who have always motivated me to keep writing my blog!

This is what I want to say to all my blogger friends,

""I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. I'm surrounded by angels but I call them my nice friends. ""