Friday, March 28, 2008

It's been a long Break

Hi Friends,

I am writing a post after nearly three months.
where was I?

Life has changed a lot in these three months...
I have got married and have moved to America.

To whom I got married ?
Luckily, I got married to my dear friend Sweetu.

If u can remember , I told you that my friend sweetu was going to come in december vacations.

So he came,

and we got married on 18th of January..

unfortunately, he had to go back on 20th of january.

It was a painful separation..

Then I got my visa after nearly two months and I landed in America on 17th of March..

Presently, I am in Arizona , 80 miles far from flagstaff..

Life has changed a lot.

First of all ,now I am a married woman.
secondly, now I am in a different place..

It's all new.

I am enjoying a lot ...

Will keep telling you about my life,

take care,