Monday, April 27, 2009

A great day for me

Hi Friends,

Today is a great day for my husband and me. We crossed one big hurdle lying in our path to happiness and success. Well, I definitely want to take some credit for it but it is entirely the hard work of my husband.

Well, it's a long and boring story, so I will spare you from it, but I will tell you that we faced a lot of humiliation because of it, some people were really mean to us. They always pointed us to the fact that we are not good enough to do it. Now everything is over with a happy outcome. Let's see what's their next objection.Sometimes I think that it is just because we are new to this place, different from them in many ways (culture,customs,religion,language etc.)

I want to say one thing that try and try until you succeed.

Just quitting something is not the right way.

I am proud of you hubby dear.

I asked him to take me out for dinner, but now I think that I should make something good for him at home.

I will be back soon.

See you all!