Friday, March 7, 2014

Cooking my second passion

Yes, cooking is my second passion. It comes after writing which is my passion no.1.
I like trying new recipes. I also like to change recipes according to my taste and my husband's likes.
I am not a great cook, but I consider myself a good cook.
Recently, I came across two blogs which I liked a lot. They are related to cooking.
1. Mye's Kitchen
2. Banaras ka khana

I really liked these two blogs and the wonderful recipes they had.
Now, I have a big task of trying the recipes from these blogs.

I love cooking. It's really nice to cook something from scratch. I have two recipes in mind which I am going to try this weekend. I hope My husband will like them. He is very supportive of my cooking experiments and is my best critic. He tells me the truth and it really means a lot when he likes something.

It's Friday today. I was really waiting for it.
One more week then we have spring break. I hope we will try to enjoy our spring break in spite of all the problems at work and all.

Have a Good weekend!

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