Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hubby's Birthday

It was hubby's birthday last week on March 19th. He was very sad all day. When I asked him, 'what's the matter?' He said that he is getting old. "I am old by one more year today."
I tried to cheer him up but he kept his sad mood. In the evening I made his favorite food, which I learnt from one of my favorite food blogs.  We call it " kharna" or besan ki katli. I never ate this until I got married and my mom-in-law made it for me. That's why It was hard for me to learn it. She always kept the recipe secret. I mean she told me verbally but I never saw her making it. Anyways, it is my hubby's favorite food. He was happy when he saw what I had made.

Happy Birthday to my dear Husband.
I always want to see you happy and smiling.

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